What Are the Jobs of Family Law Attorneys in Newberg, OR?

In the legal sense, family law is pretty much any type of law that deals with immediate family issues or domestic issues. For example, divorce and child custody are typically in the purview of family law attorneys. However, disputes between roommates who are not related could be considered family law as well. The definition of the law is somewhat broad, but it does cover most issues that occur within a household. Furthermore, family law is typically a civil law concern and not a criminal law concern. For example, domestic abuse would usually be a criminal concern. The restraining order or child custody issues that result from a domestic abuse charge would be family law.

Child Custody

Child custody tends to be two-fold; it deals with where the child or children will live most of the time. It also determines which parent will make most of the divisions in a child’s wellbeing. This is the custodial parent. In general, the parent who gets to make the most decisions will also be where the child lives most of the time. Family law attorneys in Newberg, OR will be able to help you argue for the type of child custody you think is appropriate.

The lawyers at Kinneybrown.com will develop a case much like any case trying to prove anything else in a court of law. The court is most concerned with a child’s wellbeing. Therefore, you will need to build a case that argues your child custody arrangement is best for the child.

Spousal Support

Spousal support is a specific amount of money that family law attorneys help you secure. Alternately, your attorney can help you argue that you should not have to pay a certain amount of spousal support or negotiate how long you must pay it. These are all within the range of a quality family law professional. Click here for more details about the family law attorneys in Newberg, OR.