What a Divorce Attorney in Tacoma WA Can & Can’t Do

In most cases, those considering divorce have an idea of what will happen. They’ve seen divorce in movies and on TV, or they’ve known someone who’s been through the process. In spite of secondhand experience, facing an impending divorce is a frightening concept. Divorce isn’t predictable, but if a person has realistic expectations, they are likely to get through the process as smoothly as possible. Below is an explanation of what divorce can and cannot do.

Divorce can Help in Property Division Matters

Divorce is a good way to determine which spouse should get what after a marriage ends. Courts try to divide assets as fairly and economically as possible, and most states exclude previously acquired properties. In states with community property laws, assets are split 50/50; in other states, the courts consider each person’s finances, future plans and other matters in the equitable distribution of property. If either spouse has a need for a particular asset, it’s best to have an Attorney in Tacoma WA negotiate that part of the settlement.

Divorce can Ensure That Support Obligations are Paid

A divorce can help to determine a spouse’s support obligations in the form of alimony and child support. Most support payments are set by state laws, but the standards are not set in stone. Child support orders depend largely on custody arrangements, and spousal support depends on each spouse’s financial standing. Because of the nature of support requirements, it can be difficult to predict the outcome of such cases.

It can Ensure the Enforcement of Child Visitation and Custody Orders

Aside from income distribution, the other thing divorce does well is to set forth schedules for visitation and custody. While courts make decisions in the child’s best interest, these decisions vary by court and by case.

Divorce Cannot Guarantee Equal Division of Property

Divorces cannot bring about an exact division of child custody and assets. Because no two situations are alike, the judge entering a divorce decree must make decisions based on the information that’s available to them. It might not always be the fairest decision, and it doesn’t usually favor one person heavily.

Courts have an important role in divorce, but their role is limited after all. Divorce cannot solve all the problems between couples, nor can it ensure a fair distribution of assets. For the fairest outcome possible, spouses should hire a divorce Attorney in Tacoma WA to protect their legal rights.