How Automated Meter Reading Works

Owning or managing a property with multiple residences, particularly for trailer park owners or apartment owners with perhaps hundreds of units on site, can be a very big challenge. Through the use of technology and automated meter reading it is possible to have a daily report accessible online, giving you the latest in information as to water usage across your property or properties.

First, it is important to realize there are several different types of meters which are compatible with automated meter reading systems. These meters are equipped with a meter transmission unit, often know as an MTU, which uniquely identifies a particular meter.

The company installing the system will record the meter identification number the corresponding MTU, allowing the system to automatically link the two. The information from the transmitter comes into the system at the water management service and the data is automatically entered into the correct location within the data management system.


The essential thing for property owners and residents to understand is the automated meter reading system only transmits information about the meter reading on a set schedule, typically once or twice in a 24-hour period.

There is no personal information transmitted, and the data sent is secure and safe. The information is only sent on the schedule it is not a continuous transmission. The actual burst of information is extremely short, less than a tenth of a second in duration, and it is extremely low power.

An automated meter reading will not interfere with any other radio frequency devices and, in comparison, it produces a weaker signal than a typical cell phone, which most people use on an ongoing basis without a concern.


As a property owner or manager having a daily automated meter reading report at your fingertips is extremely helpful. You will know the level of water usage across your property, as well as any unusual spikes or increases that may be a sign of a leak or a problem within the water lines or system.

This information allows for rapid repairs, limiting any possible dramatic bills. In addition, you will also have a more accurate view of the water usage on the property, allowing you to manage more effectively and even to weigh the costs and future savings of adding water conserving fixtures or options as a whole property upgrade or improvement.

At ABT Water Management, we can provide automated meter reading with all our expert water meter installations.