Vinyl Versus Textile Wallcovering

by | Sep 24, 2015 | Wall covering

If you are looking for wallcoverings, you know you have a multitude of options available to you. That is a good thing for some, but for others it can be problematic. If you aren’t sure what you want, or what will work best in your home situation, you may get a headache thinking of what’s out there. The two most popular choices are vinyl and textile wallcovering, and each one has its benefits.


Textiles are woven fabrics, which is why most people don’t think about them when considering their walls. However, they can be extremely durable, just like vinyl, which is a plastic-type compound. Both can protect the walls from dents, scratches and dings caused by chairs, kids throwing things and accidentally running into them.

Therefore, you may find yourself considering the installation aspect when determining which is best. It can be simpler to install when using textiles instead of vinyl though you’ll still want to use a professional. Textiles require someone who understands paperhanging. Vinyl options will usually require the utilization of a pasting machine, so the past is applied to the material before it’s put on the wall.


Most people don’t think about sustainability, which is how well it endures over time. It can also mean how environmentally friendly it is. Both of those options are becoming more popular as time goes on, so you may want to consider how long it will last and if it can be recycled or has to be thrown out.

In most cases, vinyl can be recycled, but it is traditionally harder to do and it may be harder to find a company that will accept old vinyl. Textiles are also recyclable, but may also be biodegradable, meaning they break down over time.

Both vinyl and textile wallcovering options are considered highly sustainable, so you can choose which one you prefer, without worrying about hurting the environment or picking something that won’t last.


Aesthetics is the appearance of the covering and is one of the most important factors for many people. Because you’ll be looking at it for about 10 years, you want something that will fit your décor and style, now and in the future. Woven textiles can offer more creative possibilities, such as graphic printing, embossing and embroidery. Vinyl can offer embossing and decorative prints, but may still seem limited for some.

Textile wallcovering can be more durable, nicer looking and more sustainable than vinyl, though both work exceptionally well for most homes. Visit Honolulu Wallcovering Boutique today to see what they offer in all wallcoverings.

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