Brightening a Home with Living Room Wallcovering in Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Whether designing a new living room for the home or redoing an old one, there are many possibilities to give the room a refreshing look. These possibilities include new furniture, lighting fixtures, and decor. However, one of the best and more creative ways is by using a living room wallcovering in Ft. Lauderdale FL.

Types of Wall Coverings

Wall coverings come in a variety of choices, making it possible for anyone of any style to choose. Here are a few of the styles they come in.

  • Vinyl Coverings. Vinyl is one of the more common styles of coverings. They can come in a large variety of colors, and patterns. They also may be customized if wanting to add to the current wall. Vinyl is easy to apply as well as remove or clean.
  • Fabric Covering. The fabric covering is a pattern or style made of woven textiles and a heavy paper backing. Fabric coverings are more resistant to grease and moisture, which helps with the overall look. Fabric coverings are less likely to show signs of wear and tear throughout the years.
  • Flock Covering. These coverings are printed as paper or vinyl and feature a raised effect. The raised effect is made of fine wool or silk fibers if on paper and synthetic fibers on vinyl.

While living room wallcovering in Ft. Lauderdale FL can be applied without professional help, there are many advantages when a professional is hired.

Advantages of a Wall Covering Contractor

  • Professionals will have the correct tools on hand to complete the job. This includes any tools needed to remove existing wallpaper. If the walls were not primed properly, this can make removal of old wallpaper difficult, which can lead to a bigger problem. Professionals will come equipped with the proper solutions to help remove said wallpaper without doing damage to the walls.
  • Hiring a professional will ensure proper application of the wall covering. They will make sure there is a seamless appearance by adjusting any borders if needed without ruining the wall or the covering.

Some things to consider when hiring a contractor for wall coverings include asking questions.

Questions to Ask a Contractor

  • How much experience have they had?
  • Are they familiar with the material?
  • Is there prep work needed?

When the right contractor is hired, the room of your dreams is one step closer. For more information on wall coverings, check out