Vibratory Plate Compactor – Features and Benefits

Vibratory plate compactors are utilized by workers in the field as they walk behind these devices. These instruments are powered by an engine and generate large vibratory compaction forces that loosen materials – often asphalt – under the powerful action of the steel mounted plate located at the base of the unit. During this operation, the plate compactor marches forward by the means of an eccentrically driven mechanism. A backwards motion is also performed in a similar manner to the operation of a reversible compactor. Experienced supplier of compaction equipment can provide you with the right vibratory compactor machine to help you carry out your project requirements.

Plate Compactor Features
An experienced supplier of these devices will have compactors designed to provide the necessary compaction forces to handle soils in foundations, trenches, and slopes. Some compactor machines can exhibit force of 3,000 pounds on the lower end and a force of 40,000 pounds on the higher end, depending on the weight of the carrier involved. Soil is compressed together through the action of these devices in an effective manner, creating a firm and stable compaction result. Some compactors can handle lift sizes from between 1 to 5 feet based on the moisture content and type of material under the compaction forces.

Some vibratory plate compactor devices consisting of carrier weights in the range of 6,000 hundred 50,000 pounds may offer the following features:

  • Standard length and width foot beds (custom dimensions are also available)
  • Oil splash bearings that need no maintenance or greasing
  • Standard flow regulator four function valve that controls pressure, flow, oil flow direction, and regeneration
  • Custom footpads, linkage pins, OEM bolt on ear assemblies, and quick coupler lugs

Benefits of Earth Compaction
The vibratory plate compactor is exceptionally versatile for general earth compaction activities. This machine generates a force through a powerful vibration action of the plate which produces the settling of particulates. The action of the device causes gravel to collapse down in a controlled fashion, producing a tighter bass that creates significant resistance to settling, erosion, and frost heaving.

Want to learn more about how vibratory plate compactors can assist you in carrying out your compaction requirements for your project or application? Contact a company that provides quality compaction, excavation, and backfill equipment today.