Roller Compactors in Missoula

Roller compactors are used for the mechanical compaction of earth materials such as soil, rock, granite, and asphalt. Anytime soil or rocks are disturbed, it can expand and become loosely packed causing major problems at construction sites. Loose soil must be compacted into a solid mass. If the soil is not properly compacted after construction, then it can cause settling in roads, foundations, runways, and yards.

Commercial construction companies will use a roller compactor from Missoula to compact the soil. Mechanical compaction is achieved by using an equipment attachment to heavy machinery called a roller compactor.

Roller compactors achieve compaction by applying massive force from the roller wheel to the soil, rocks, or asphalt. For roller wheel compactors, the gross weight of the vehicle is not as important as the weight per wheel for the material being compacted.

There are six different types of rollers for soil compaction:

  • Cylindrical rollers
  • Sheep foot rollers
  • Pneumatic tyred rollers
  • Smooth wheeled rollers
  • Vibratory rollers
  • Grid rollers

Which type of roller to use for a particular project depends on the soil type and moisture conditions.

Following proper safety protocols, are essential for heavy-equipment operators. Roller wheel compactors, in particular, present many hazards. Installation of proper attachments is essential for saving time, money, and lives.

Finding roller compactors in Missoula is easy. There are several sellers to choose from. However, finding a supplier who can meet all our equipment needs will take a little research. There are many brand names for heavy equipment attachments. Locate a supplier that carries the brands you trust and is within your budget. A great place to locate a supplier is with an internet search. Perform a search for roller compactor in Missoula to review a list of sellers in the Missoula area.