Upgrade with Glass Replacement in Plainfield

by | Nov 12, 2016 | Glass

If you have a broken window in your home, you might want to replace it with a new one to enhance the look of your property. The same is true if you just want to upgrade the quality of your windows. However, you should also think about your heating and cooling costs. The majority of the heat that enters or exits your home moves through the windows. Windows allow for a lot of natural sunlight to come into your home, which heats up your interior. During the summers, this can be a problem that makes you run your air conditioner way more than usual. During the winters, on the other hand, your windows get as cold as the outside air, which reduces the temperature in your home and forces you to run the heating appliance more than normal. That means your energy costs will skyrocket. This situation also offers you the opportunity to reduce your energy costs with smart glass replacement.

Insulated Glass

Heat travels by transferring from one molecule to the next. Usually, this happens as air molecules collide and transfer their internal energy. That’s how the temperature in a room heats up your body. All of this means that you can mitigate heat transfer by reducing the number of molecules that come into contact with one another. That’s how insulated glass works. A specialist in glass replacement in Plainfield can install insulated glass around your home. Insulated glass is essentially two panes of glass that feature a vacuum between the panes; since there is a vacuum between the panes, the heat can’t transfer effectively.

Money Savings

When you Contact Bolingbrook Glass & Mirror, you will learn about all the different ways they can save you money with glass replacement services. Installing insulated glass can reduce the amount of heat that transfers from the outside to the inside. That will also allow you to run your air conditioner and heater less often, which will reduce energy costs and will also save you from appliance repair bills as well.

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