Extending The Life Of Motorcycle Batteries

As with any type of battery, providing the right level of care will help to maximize the years that a motorcycle battery survives. Generally, in most areas of the country bikes are not used year round, which can put an additional strain on the battery when left for longer periods of time without being used or charged.

In general, motorcycle batteries required very little in the way of regular maintenance. This is particularly true with the new batteries on the market today. They are literally designed to be installed and left alone, at least until you are putting the motorcycle up for the winter.

To help you to keep motorcycle batteries in top condition year round, here are a few simple tips to follow.

Fluid Levels

Most of the 12-volt motorcycle batteries on the market are going to provide you with the opportunity to check the fluid levels in the different chambers. Plan to check these every one to two months during regular riding.

If there is a low level in one or more chambers, always fill with distilled water. You can also use deionized water; either option has the minerals out of the water than can cause problems in the battery. Do not use tap water or well water as this water can have a variety of harmful minerals that will damage the battery.

Winter or Downtime Charging

All batteries, including those for motorcycles, have some natural discharge that depletes the battery over time. Additionally, new bikes that may have clocks and other computerized components will provide as very slight but continual battery drain.

Solar powered battery trickle chargers designed for marine batteries or motorcycles are a great option. These provide just a slight but continual charge, ensuring our bike is ready to go when you need it in the spring while maintaining your battery even in the winter months.

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