Understanding Your Legal Rights as a Chicago, IL, Victim of Benzene Exposure

Humans are regularly exposed to small doses of benzene every day. It’s in dozens of household and commercial products, including cleaners and paint thinners. However, when you are exposed to extremely high levels of benzene over time, it can kill you. It causes two major forms of cancer in the human body. If you live in or around Chicago, IL, and you have suffered a higher exposure to benzene, it is in your best interests to make sure you are not seriously ill. It is also important to consult with a lawyer who defends benzene lawsuit cases. Here are your legal rights in these cases.

Getting Medical Care and Bills Paid for by Benzene Companies

Companies that produce highly toxic benzene products, specifically weed killers and other potentially dangerous chemicals, are responsible for these health issues. You can get the medical care you need and get the bills paid for through a benzene lawsuit. Either file your individual lawsuit or join a class action suit already in progress.

Protecting Your Future

If your injuries and damages from benzene are not as extreme, you are entitled to compensation to protect your future and your family’s future. You cannot make that fight on your own. Only a lawyer can make the lawsuit stick. You may have heard about some of these lawsuits on TV recently, and they are growing in number because chemical companies are negligent where the public is concerned.

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