3 Signs You Need a Roofing Contractor for Repairs on Your Milwaukee Home

The roof on your home should last several decades before it needs to be replaced, but that requires taking care of it through the intervening years. In addition to scheduling routine inspections, make sure you call your contractor to do roof repair in Milwaukee as it’s needed. This will ensure a minor problem won’t worsen and lead to bigger repair or replacement job.

Watch for Loose Granules

A common telltale sign that you have damaged roof shingles will be the presence of granules on the ground around your home. As you make a closer inspection of the roof, you may also find that there are also granules in the gutters. If the granules are present in one area, you may only need to replace a few shingles. However, you should still begin preparing to replace the entire roof.

Look for a Dip in the Roof

If the underlying roofing materials and rafters become damaged or warped, the roof will begin to sink or dip. This can be observed by looking at the roof from outside your home, or you may be able to spot a dip in the roof by looking at it from your attic. If you see this type of damage, you should contact a roofing contractor right away.

Watch for Sunlight or Water Penetration

From time to time, you should inspect your attic or crawlspace. One thing to look for is daylight peeking through the boards in your attic. If sunlight is getting through, you should expect that rainwater will also access your attic. Be wary of water stains as well. These are signs that your roof is leaking and your home is in need of roof repair in Milwaukee.

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