Understanding Washington Divorce Laws by Consulting with a Divorce Lawyer in Bainbridge Island

Getting a divorce may not be the most desirable thing a person will do in their lifetime, but often times, it can be the only option. When a person is stuck in an abusive relationship, there’s no question that divorce needs to be explored. However, there are times where a marital situation just doesn’t work. There may not be clear levels of abuse, but a couple may have fidelity issues or they may not see eye to eye on important issues, such as children or careers. Whatever the reasons may be, whether it’s physical abuse, infidelity or irreconcilable differences, if a person is going to get divorced, they will need to first speak with a Divorce Lawyer in Bainbridge Island.

The important thing to understand is that if a couple or an individual wants to get divorced from their spouse, divorces aren’t granted automatically. In the state of Washington, every divorce, whether contested or uncontested, has to wait at least 90 days from the time the divorce is petitioned before the courts will take up the divorce filing. In situations where both parties agree to divorce, which would be an uncontested divorce, that 90 day “cooling off” period, as it is described in Washington state law, can be used for the couple to negotiate a divorce settlement. Once the 90 day period has been completed, as long as a divorce settlement is in existence, the courts will sign off on the settlement and the divorce will be finalized.

In situations where the divorce is contested, these proceedings will need to go to arbitration or into open court. In situations where the divorce is contested and no agreement can be reached, arbitration or court dates are typically scheduled between 10 months and a year after the initial divorce filings were received by the courts. This means that a person’s divorce may not be finalized for up to a year, depending on how long the arbitration or court case draws out.

The good thing is that when you meet with a Divorce Lawyer in Bainbridge Island, they will likely be able to explain the various divorce laws as it pertains to your situation. Understanding how long it takes to move through the process and have the divorce finalized can help you cope with your own particular situation.