The Accused Do Well to Get in Touch with a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Bel Air MD Right Away

Most people in the Bel Air area strive always to stay on the right side of the law, and that is always the best policy. While many will occasionally speed or cross a quiet street on foot when not specifically allowed to do so, these relatively minor transgressions tend to account for most of the average person’s failures to live up to this worthy ideal. At the same time, it can become possible for even a person entirely innocent of wrongdoing to end up attracting unwanted and unjustified attention from police and prosecutors. Instead of assuming that the misunderstanding will resolve itself, it will almost inevitably make more sense to contact a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Bel Air MD like Maria Caruso as soon as possible.

In fact, many experts advise that this should be done even before making statements to the police. Every person has a right to arrange for legal representation before cooperating with the authorities, even if police officers will not always admit this without prodding. While the vast majority of those working in law enforcement today seek only to make sure that the cause of justice will be served, most also have ways of eliciting statements from people that can later be used against them.

A single mistake of this kind can turn out to be extremely dangerous. Even in a case where it might normally have become clear that the accused person was not guilty of the related crime, an ill advised statement to the police could prevent that from happening. Having access to a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Bel Air MD will make it far less likely that such issues will arise, with the likelihood of charges being dropped therefore increasing significantly right from the beginning.

Of course, this is only a small part of what an attorney will be able to offer. From understanding how best to make it obvious that the client was not involved with the crime at issue to being able to arrive at a satisfactory deal when a plea bargain is justified, a lawyer will be able to accomplish many things that a layperson simply will not. You can also visit them on Facebook.