Understanding The Basics Of Unlocked GSM Android Tablets

It seems that with all the technology available today finding just the right device to meet your needs can require a lot of research and comparisons. In addition, with constantly changing terminology and options, comparing different devices can become more of a challenge. This certainly applies when considering unlocked GSM Android tablets.

While the terms may seem foreign and complicated, they are essential in being able to determine if the tablet is the best match for your requirements. Choosing a tablet without understanding the various descriptors used can result in making a poor selection to work with your service provider.


One of the first things you will need to know is if your internet provider is using GSM or CDMA. The most commonly used option for most internet providers around the world, so if you are planning on traveling this is an important consideration.

GSM stands for Global System for Mobile Communications and in the USA it is the system used by AT&T as well as T-Mobile at this time. CDMA or Code Division Multiple Access is the other option and is used by Verizon, Sprint and U.S Cellular in the United States, and it is very rarely used in any other country.

With unlocked GSM Android tablets, it is possible to simply change out SIM cards to activate new devices, all the data from the old device is stored on the card. Additionally, any GSM device can be used on a GSM network, which allows users to bring their own devices rather than to have to use a specialized device set up for use on a CDMA system.

Unlocked Android Devices

All unlocked GSM Android tablets utilize the open source Linux-based Android operating systems. This means they are compatible with all apps and programs built with Linux or compatible operating systems.

The term unlocked refers to the ability of the tablet to run software on the system without needing to be approved by the system. In other words, a locked tablet is setup and locked to limit the ability of the consumer to change the setup and system on the tablet, restricting the devices use to a specific network and set of operations.

On the other hand, with an unlocked tablet running the Android operating system it can be used on any of the GSM systems, all you will need to do is simply connect and register the device on the system to start using it. This means you can shop for an Android tablet from any seller, and you are not restricted to just those sold by a particular cell phone and data service provider.