Type of Ear Treatment in Atlantic City, NJ Needed for a Child’s Ear Infection

Many children suffer from ear infections from the time they are babies. Ear infections originate in the middle ear when there is fluid build-up, which causes bacteria to develop. Untreated ear infections can result in a loss of hearing or a perforated eardrum, which is why it’s important to have their cause diagnosed immediately.

Causes of Ear Infections

Ear infections are the most common reason parents take young children to see their pediatricians. There are many causes for ear infections, including the common cold and the flu. If you see your baby tugging at their ears or your child complains of earaches, you should take them to a doctor to get the best ear treatment in Atlantic City, NJ.

Respiratory infections frequently cause ear infections because the middle ear connects with the upper respiratory system via the Eustachian tubes. Normally, fresh air helps keep these small tubes dry and free of fluids, but if they are not draining properly, germs can grow and cause infections. In some children, the Eustachian tubes may be too soft or under-developed and cannot stay open, which will prompt the need for an ear treatment when they become infected.

Ear Infection Treatments

Ear infections can be caused by either viruses or bacteria and, if the cause is bacterial, they will be treated with oral antibiotics to kill the bacteria. However, if the cause is viral, antibiotics will not work and they will usually resolve themselves. Instead of needing a specific ear treatment, parents can give their child a mild pain reliever to make them feel better until infection clears up.

If fluid in the ears doesn’t drain within 90 days, a doctor may recommend inserting temporary drainage tubes to dry the ear canals. If you’re concerned about your child’s frequent ear infections, go to  for information on ear treatments.