Do You Need Automotive Diagnostic Service in Redding, CA?

Do you remember what cars were like back in the old days before micro-technology was packed into them? These days, modern cars have features such as Bluetooth, USB connections, and even built-in satellite connections. The engines, brakes, and other essentials are largely controlled by software programs that sit in ROM chips. In fact, artificial intelligence is set to be the next big revolution in our transport, and driverless cars are a reality now.

Of course, despite all of this technology, most people still prefer to drive their cars themselves, but like all things, time and wear takes its toll, and eventually every vehicles needs to be taken to the repair shop. The thing is, mechanics have had to change with the times and with the technology as well. As car engines have become more and more software-controlled, it is now essential that all repair shops be able to perform an automotive diagnostic service that connects to the advanced ‘brain’ of the vehicle and diagnoses any issues.

Fixing Complex Issues

The truth is that as our cars have become more advanced, it has become necessary to diagnose any problems in them differently. An automotive diagnostic service in Redding, CA combines the expertise of a mechanic with the power of a machine and software. By hooking into your vehicle, this machine will be able to do the following:

     *     Read any error codes that have been stored in the computer’s RAM of your car, thus allowing the technician to diagnose any problems more accurately,

     *     Perform pinpoint testing of all vehicle systems, including braking and ignition, using the automotive diagnostic service.

Reliable companies like Major Muffler & Auto Repair use these diagnostic services to more accurately get to the root cause of any problems with your vehicle. Times have certainly changed when it comes to car technology, and repair shops have had to change with the times!