Top-Quality Hard Cast Lead Bullets

Lawrence BrandShot has been on the market for over 100 years, and Mayco has now expanded the Lawrence Brand Ammunition line to include Lawrence Brand Hard Cast Lead Bullets! We are dedicated to growing the practice of reloading, as well as providing some of the best bullets available on the market today.

At Mayco, we stand by our products. That is why we manufacture our bullets with the same Premium factory bullet alloy that is available to you!

Lawrence Brand Hard Cast Bullets

  • Manufactured in a climate-controlled environment to insure consistency in every load
  • Created using state-o-the-art Magma equipment, dies, and lube-sizers
  • Produced from the finest bullet alloy
  • Inspected, packaged, and shipped by hand for engineered accuracy
  • 11 sizes available

Top-Quality Hard Cast Lead Bullets

If you are looking for high-grade bullets that will not leave residue in your barrel, our hard cast options are a great solution. We use a carefully blended, premium alloy to create bullets which are designed not only to perform well, but also to minimize unwanted build-up when fired.

Hard Cast Bullets for Sale

We manufacture a number of different bullet sizes (eleven in total), which are each available in several different configurations. From round nose and truncated cone, to round nose flat point, and even a semi wadcutter, providing a great option for revolvers. Inspected and packed by hand to ensure their integrity, we make sure that everything we provide our customers with is well-made, and consistent.

Cast Lead Bullets for Reloading

As the leading provider of lead-based goods in the United States, we have an excellent understanding of lead and lead alloys. This enables us to create exceptional lead-based products that are suitable for a wide-range of applications. Our bullets are available for direct purchase. Alternatively, we have a network of dealers who are able to help with smaller purchases or more local sourcing requirements.

Hard Cast Lead Bullets and Plenty More

In addition to our diverse range of bullets, we also provide solutions for radiation shielding, roofing, ballast, centrifuges and much more. Our team is dedicated to providing consistently excellent products, as well as attentive, responsive customer care. As the provider of choice for a large number of industries, we are proud of our reputation for dependability and value.