Tips for Using a Self Storage Company in Boise ID

If the home is getting full and the owner is tired of cramming belongings into any available space, a Self Storage Company in Boise ID can keep things safe until they’re needed. However, before spending money on a storage unit for furniture, clothing and other items, customers of Republic Storage should consider these tips to protect their belongings.

Choose a Facility Carefully

Before renting a storage unit a customer should get at least three quotes from nearby locations, as recommended by the BBB. Customers should also check to see if the facility belongs to the Self Storage Association, where members abide by an ethical code and by laws that hold them to higher standards.

Consider More Than Price

While no one wants to be defrauded, the customer should not base decisions solely on price. One of self storage’s greatest benefits is flexibility; it allows customers to access their belongings at any time. Customers should look for a nearby location that offers longer business hours, and they should choose a facility that has strong security.

Consider the Surroundings

Depending on the climate, high temperatures can cause damage to stored belongings. For instance, heat can warp wooden furniture. Some storage facilities offer climate-controlled units, which stay at a fairly constant temperature year-round. It’s also a good idea to find out whether a particular facility offers any pest control services.

Insure Belongings

If something is valuable enough to go into storage, it should be protected from catastrophe. If the customer has renter’s or homeowner’s insurance, they should ask if self-storage items are covered. If there’s no coverage, the person should buy insurance from the facility; most have low-cost policies.

Store Items Carefully

Items should not be thrown haphazardly into a unit at a Self Storage Company in Boise ID. Linens, drapes and clothing should be clean, and smaller items should be stored in boxes and bins to maximize available space. While most storage facilities sell moving supplies, customers can save by using boxes they already have.

Keep Track of Items

Where self-storage is concerned, customers should think of how often they’ll need certain items. The Self Storage Association recommends that frequently used items be placed closer to the exit, and that fragile items be carefully cushioned. Cartons should be labeled, and the customer should create a checklist for easy reference and tracking.