Expanding your Warehouse Space using Vertical Lift Modules

by | Mar 13, 2019 | Storage Facility

Vertical Lift Modules (VLMs) provide warehouse operations with extremely cost-effective ways to store products.

Not only can VLMs increase the storage capacity of your facility, but Vertical Lift Modules can also help with inventory control, improve the ergonomic safety conditions for employees, and organize your storage more efficiently.

Rather than expand your warehouse, you may be able to utilize your vertical space while at the same time maintaining or increasing the throughput speed.

Modular Designs

Vertical Lift Modules provide one of the most flexible ways to add storage space.

Warehouses can add vertical modules to the systems as the need for space increases. VLMs can adapt to ceiling spaces up to almost 100 feet.

This also makes changing locations or sites very easy as you can take down or add modules as needed.


These high-tech systems are stand-alone. Setup is quick and straightforward.

One operator using the command screen and picking software enters the bin number, and the system delivers it to the offload or restocking point.

This ergonomic system negates the requirement for workers or forklift operators to climb over or lift objects long distances. Employees no longer must bend and reach for items. The system delivers large, heavy products to the ergonomically correct height minimizing physical strain.

Custom Totes, Bins, and Dividers

The totes and bins are custom-fit to match the exact internal dimensions of the trays, maximizing space utilization.

Users can subdivide the trays to better separate and control product, creating the exact number of locations needed per tray.

Labeling each is simple. The partitions and dividers can be reconfigured as many times or whenever necessary to meet changing requirements.

Height Detection and Tray Organization

Vertical Lift Modules automatically detect the height of trays. This permits the system to detect storage density instantaneously.

Operators, using dividers and partitions, can arrange for the exact number and size of storage locations the product requires within the trays.

The worker can always adjust the configurations whenever required.


The efficacies of the system result in a turnaround time of as little as six months, depending on the size of an operation.

Maintenance costs are low, and operator training requirements negligible.

Managers also save on labor costs, given the automation of most of the process. The system needs only one operator to move items in and out of the warehouse system.

Warehouses realize 80% or more space savings using VLMs.

Wait times decrease as the operator can program different picks, and the system will automatically send each to the drop off location in the order needed.

Industry studies also indicate that most companies see a 200-400% productivity increase when switching to Vertical Lift Modules.

Better Inventory Control

Using one operator and an automated system like a VLM reduces inventory loss including dropped items and, since the system is enclosed, reduces pilfering.

Accuracy and timeliness improve using a VLM’s software. Operators can instantly trace where and when a product entered or left the system.

The accuracy of the picking operations translates to optimal inventory control


The clean, smooth, one-piece modular steel unit appears much more presentable than regular shelf storage.

The units are very easy to clean and require little upkeep


All machines have individual passwords, so only the authorized operators can access the trays.

The system tracks all log-ins and each picking operation by the individual tray.


Although Vertical Lift Modules are stand-alone units, you can purchase several different systems to enhance the efficacy of the VLM.

Adding a conveyor system lets managers connect different work zones and helps with order consolidation.

These systems allow easy integration of lifting and manipulation devices like cranes, hoists, or grippers.

Bar code scanners are also easy to integrate.

Last Word

For active warehouses, Vertical Lift Modules offer a lot of advantages.

Although they may cost more than a standard rack, companies can quickly recoup the capital expenditure. The quick throughputs increase the amount of product a warehouse can handle also.

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