Tips for Pursuing a Personal Injury Settlement

by | Oct 29, 2015 | Personal Injury Attorney

Pursuing a Personal Injury Settlement is not always easy, no matter the reason for the suit. A personal injury is one that occurred because of someone else. Car accidents, dog bites, medical malpractice, and assault are but a few of the different types of personal injuries that can occur. Though the most common personal injury suit is physical in nature, there are also mental and emotional injuries. When a person is injured because of someone else, they need to be aware they can receive help through a personal injury lawyer.

When a person is pursuing a Personal Injury Settlement, they first need to meet with a lawyer to determine what type of case they have. The lawyer will ask the client to recount how their injuries occurred and present any evidence or information that may prove useful in the pursuit of the case. This information will assist the lawyer in making a decision on whether or not they will take on the case and represent the injured party.

Once this initial meeting has been conducted, the lawyer will go to work on investigating the case and gathering evidence. In some personal injury cases, there is an insurance company involved. If one is working on the case, the lawyer will contact them to see what they plan on doing in helping the injured victim. Although insurance companies are notorious for shortchanging victims, they will often respond more fairly when they know the victim is being represented by a lawyer.

The vast majority of personal injury cases are settled outside of court simply because insurance companies know they will end up having to pay more in damages through a court case. In some cases, the insurance company refuses to be fair, and the lawyer has no choice but to pursue a trial. Either way, the lawyer will work to make sure the client receives the fair amount of compensation they deserve.

Victims of personal injury often become revictimized when dealing with the insurance companies. If you are a victim, contact the office of James E. Hitchcock right away. He will work with your case to make sure you are treated fairly and get the just compensation you are seeking. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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