Tips for Getting the Best Home Insurance Policy for You

by | May 4, 2018 | Insurance

If you have never shopped for homeowners insurance before, it can be intimidating with all the options and companies offering their services. Here are a few tips to help you get the best homeowners insurance for you:

  • Do they do bundles? If you have auto insurance already, or something similar, see if you would be able to bundle homeowner’s and your current insurance policy. This can help to you to save money, since we already know how expensive insurance can get. Make sure to get multiple quotes so that you know you are getting the best bundle for your buck.
  • What is covered? You need to know what will be covered in your homeowner’s insurance. This insurance should cover your home and any other building on the property. See what the company is willing to cover and if it will work for you.
  • Do they have liability limits? It is also important to know these because they can either help you in a time of crisis or break you further. Most homeowner’s insurance policies give some sort of liability coverage, but you should check to see how much coverage you will receive.
  • Check your credit score. Your credit score can affect what kind of homeowner’s insurance is available to you. This can help you ahead of time, especially if there are errors on your report. You will be able to dispute these before you head in to get your homeowner’s insurance and it can be very helpful for your coverage.
  • Do you have a home security system? Installing a home security system can help to lower your rates. Your insurance company will be more comfortable giving you lower rates as your home is being monitored for break ins. Make sure to mention your security system when getting a quote.
  • Raise your deductible. If you are able to afford it, raise your deductible and this will help to lower your premium. You can still get the same coverage but for a lower premium. By lowering your premium, you can also take that money and put it back into your deductible fund. Take a close look at how much it could potentially save you and if it is worth it for you or not.

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