The Benefits of a Bathroom Hand Dryer

If you are responsible for managing a public restroom facility, it is important above all to keep the space clean and sanitary. There are some ways to do this, and many facilities even today use the outdated method of paper towels. Employing an air hand dryer or two in your facility has several advantages over paper towels.

Public restrooms that use hand dryers almost always look cleaner and tidier than those that use paper towels. There is no waste bin that might be overflowing with used towels. The dryers themselves look sleek and clean and take up very little space on the wall. They can be purchased in a variety of models that complement the décor of each facility.

Electrical dryers can also reduce maintenance costs and energy expenses for your company. The latest models cost on average about a couple of dollars a month to operate. They also require very little upkeep and can save you money on labor expenses. The need to order paper towels, store them, stock them and dispose of them is eliminated.

An air hand dryer is very convenient for you, your custodial workers and your customers. Depending on the model, drying times can be just a little over 10 seconds and are always less than one minute. In most cases, the dryers turn on by a sensor that detects hands or movement, or they are operated by a simple push of a button. Installation of the dryers is a simple process that can be completed in a matter of hours.

Hand dryers are hygienic and compliant with health standards. Advanced, patented cold plasma technology reduces the spread of germs and other unwanted contaminants. They prevent the need of having to place paper towels in a waste bin that may have to be pressed down due to overflowing disposed paper products.

A quality air hand dryer is a great choice for your bathroom facility. It keeps the facility clean at an affordable price. Visit the website for more information.