Tips For Finding A Professional Furniture Moving Companies In Atlanta

Moving boxes is the easy part of a relocation job, but moving furniture requires experience, skill and a good understanding of the right technique for the specific piece. Finding the best furniture moving companies in the city of Atlanta and the surrounding areas takes a bit of time and effort, but it is well worth it.

It is always critical to start looking for a furniture moving companies well in advance of the date of the move. This is particularly relevant if you are moving on a weekend or during the summer months, as these are the peak times for moving companies.

Top movers can easily be booked solid for these peak times up to several weeks before school lets out for summer. If you can book the move between September and May, there is often less demand, and it will be easier to schedule the move with the furniture moving companies.

Compare Companies

Online reviews, moving feedback sites, and the actual company site is helpful places to start to get information on the company. Watch the reviews look for typical complaints or issues that customers are having. Even the best furniture moving companies is not going to have 100% positive feedback, but a poor company may have close to 100% negative.

Memberships in moving associations, the Better Business Bureau and the Chamber of Commerce are all signs of a company with a commitment to both the community as well as to professionalism and customer care and service.

How Furniture is Handled

Once you start having in-home surveys conducted, take the time to ask the representatives about how they prepare your furniture for moving. Ideally, the top furniture moving companies will provide the best protection both in wrapping the items in the home and packing them strategically and correctly on the truck.

Additionally, the best companies will provide more than just a couple of movers based on the size of your job. Be very careful of agreeing to use a company that is vague with this information or that tries to avoid answering your questions.

Additionally, depending on the type of items you need the furniture moving companies in Atlanta to move, you should also take the time to read about the valuation coverage they offer and your options for additional insurance. This will be a critical factor for antique, valuable or irreplaceable items.