Evaluating Employee Moving Services

As the Human Resource manager or the individual in charge of finding the next employee moving company, there are some important issues to completely evaluate.

Often moving companies in the Nashville area do not have experience in offering corporate relocation services, and they may not understand the full scope of the services that are expected. Depending on what your business wants, you can request companies that offer complete packing and employee moving services for local, national or international moves.

Ask for Quotes and Services

When comparing quotes or bids for the contract, it will be very important to be able to compare apples to apples. Companies that have provided employee moving services in the past, or currently provide this for other companies, typically have packages designed in advance.

These packages, or options for service, are based on what prior corporate contracts have requested. If this is a first for your company, starting with all these types of packages, with the option to review and modify in a set period of time, can be very helpful.

Get Referrals

Any companies offering employee moving services should be able to provide a handful of references for businesses. These may be current or past customers, but having the chance to speak, in person, to a past corporate client is a great opportunity to get accurate feedback.

If the company is no longer a client of the moving service, be sure to ask the reason why. In some cases, is may be because of a change in policy or perhaps management decisions, but you do need to know if it was an issue with the service or the pricing.

Meet in Person

At top moving and relocation company will typically suggest an in-person meeting to determine the services needed before developing a quote or bid for the employee moving contract.

This personal meeting will give you the opportunity to assess the professionalism, experience and expertise of the company, as well as talk about specific issues such as the anticipated volume of moves, typical locations for moves and other factors.

While you may not need employee moving services on a daily or weekly basis, for any Nashville business having a mover in place and under contract for the service is important. This ensures you have the time to shop for the right service and to get a quote that is competitive, offers the features you need, and is with a company you trust.