Tips For Finding A Civil Litigation Attorney

Like visiting the dentist, civil litigation is rarely fun but sometimes necessary. It can drain a person’s time and finances, disrupt their life and exact a significant emotional toll. If a person is forced into litigation, choosing the right attorney is one of the most important decisions to make. When a client chooses a lawyer, they should look for someone who is compatible and skilled. Below are several tips on choosing a Civil Litigation Attorney Charlotte NC like Conrad Trosch & Kemmy.

Ask About Qualifications

The lawyer a client chooses should have experience in the legal area the case involves. During the interview process, clients should carefully review each lawyer’s qualifications. If the case is to go to trial, determine the attorney’s trial experience. Most civil suits settle before trial, and a new attorney may not have much courtroom experience.

Choose a Good Listener

This question can be answered by paying attention to the lawyer’s behavior. Clients should choose attorneys with whom they are comfortable, and who are willing to take the time to listen to the client’s concerns. If the lawyer is condescending, rude, or unwilling to listen to the client, that person should take their business elsewhere.

Get an Honest Assessment of the Case

Every person facing litigation deserves an unbiased assessment of their case, even if the answers are tough to hear. If a lawyer promises a favorable outcome, the client should be skeptical. There are no guarantees in civil law, as civil litigation is unpredictable and imperfect.

Find Out About Fees

When a client starts a case, they should decide whether it is in their interests to fight it out or settle quickly. If the case is not worth much, it makes no sense to spend significant money and time in resolving it. The civil attorney a person chooses should be able to offer estimates based on the various scenarios. These estimates can help a person make a hiring decision, and they can help them decide whether to settle early or go to trial.

Civil cases are always unpredictable and they rarely go according to plan. However, hiring the right civil litigator can make a substantial difference in the case’s outcome. By following the tips above, a client can find the right legal representative for their case.

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