Things to Think About Before Buying Replacement Windows

You should never rush into buying replacement windows without putting some research and thought behind the decision. The reason is that replacement windows are an investment that can last years and years, so having the right product installed is essential to living in a comfortable space.

With that in mind, we’ve complied some of the top things you should keep in mind when shopping for replacement glass.

Energy Efficiency

When you look at the many types of double-pane windows that are out there it can seem as if they are all the same. This isn’t entirely true. Energy Star windows each have a different amount of performance. Here are some terms that can help you determine which is right for you:

 * Condensation resistance – The higher the better. This refers to the window’s ability to resist fog or water build up.

 * Visible transmittance – Again, higher numbers are better here. This refers to the amount of natural sunlight that can come through.

 * Air leakage – For this one, low numbers are king. It refers to the amount of air that can come in cracks and joints in the window.

 * Solar heat gain coefficient – Another option where small is better. This tells how much solar heat comes through the window.

Architecture Options

The way your home is positioned can also have an effect on the amount of heat and light that enter the home. When you have windows on the west side, where the sun sets and lets in lots of light, upgrading windows can make dinner a more comfortable environment. If you have a lack of trees and foliage on the south side, energy efficiency can reduce your energy costs in the hotter months.

Window Frame

There are multiple types of frames you can choose, each with their own disadvantages and benefits. Some of the choices are listed below:

 * Wood frame – These frames are beautiful and have great energy efficiency but require a lot of maintenance and can be expensive

 * Composite frame – Thin with high efficiency and durability but can be pretty pricy

 * Fiberglass frame – Thin with high energy efficiency but can break down over time

 * Vinyl frame – Inexpensive and energy efficient but have weaker material and can deteriorate over time

 * Aluminum frame – Thin, solid, and inexpensive but have low energy efficiency

Get Replacement Windows Today

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