FAQs Cremation Companies in Bellevue, WA Can Answer

In Washington, families have the choice between a traditional funeral or cremation. Families that choose cremation need answers about the process and its cost. The process is vastly different than standard funeral services. Local Cremation Companies in Bellevue Wa can provide answers to frequently asked questions about cremation and related services.

Are Families Required to Purchase a Casket?

No, the cremation process doesn’t involve a casket, and the family isn’t required to purchase a casket at any time. The process involves placing the body inside a crematory furnace in which the body is reduced down to bone fragments. The loved one’s remains are placed in a small container after the process is completed.

Are Families Required to Purchase an Urn?

No, the family isn’t required to purchase an urn from the crematorium. The family needs a small box or container for the remains. Any type of container that seals tightly is fine for the process. The family doesn’t have to spend a lot of extra money when they choose cremation.

Is Any Form of Embalming Needed Prior to Cremation?

No, it isn’t necessary for a family to pay for the embalming process after they choose cremation. As long as they aren’t planning a viewing of the body itself, the family skips the full cost of embalming. Bodies are embalmed typically if the family plans to have funeral and burial service. Cremated bodies aren’t buried.

Does the Family Need Any Permits When Scattering the Remains?

Some jurisdictions require a permit to scatter human remains in public spaces. It is best if the family contacts a city or county official’s office to determine if permits are required. If so, the family has the right to scatter their loved one’s ashes in the preferred area after securing the proper permit.

In Washington, families have several options when choosing cremation. The crematorium provides the family with their loved one’s remains quickly and privately. Typically, families that choose cremation conduct their own memorial service or wake at home. Families aren’t required to utilize any further services after the cremation process is complete. If you’d like to learn more about cremation contact Cremation Companies in Bellevue Wa for further answers now.