Things to Consider Before Choosing Trade Show Displays

The wide variety of trade show displays available does offer more options, but it also means more considerations to make in order to choose the right one. Using these tips, you can find the right one for your marketing campaign that will boost your sales:

1. Standing Out

Your booth will be competing against hundreds of others who are all clamoring for attention, so it is essential to stand out against them. Trade Show Advisor suggests choosing signage that directs people to your booth. Large signage and hanging signs are particularly helpful for this purpose.

2. Branding

Trade show displays should use strong brand identity that people will recognize even from a distance, such as a distinct color scheme, logo, or slogan. This should match with every part of your show advertising, such as staff t-shirts or free gifts. Most companies find it useful to invest in items that can be re-used for multiple shows in the future.

3. First Impression

If you don’t already have a strong brand identity, The Huffington Post emphasizes the importance of making a strong first impression instead that can begin building this branding. People will make a snap judgement in a fraction of a second and with hundreds of other booths around you, you will need something that is instantly attractive and draws people in.

4. Online Marketing

You will need to increase your chances of attracting customers by advertising your booth on social media, even during the show itself. This means you will need banners and branding which will look just as good when posted online as they do in-person.

Signage and banners for your show booth should be more than just bright colors and large letters. You should also consider all aspects of your branding and marketing when designing and putting in an order in order to maximize its effectiveness.