How to Replace Your Fuel Tank

There are several times where you may need to replace or otherwise drop your fuel tank. If there is trash in your tank, then you will need to drop it to clean it out. Alternatively, if there is a rust hole or your tank has been damaged some other way, then you may have to go so far as to replace the tank. While this is a fairly time-consuming job, it is not an inherently difficult job.

Drain the Tank

The first thing you will want to do when you are working on your gas tank is to drain as much fuel out as you can. If you have one that you can access from inside the vehicle, then that is great and will make the job much easier. This access port is usually under the rear seats. If this is the case then siphoning gas out of your tank will be easy. If not, however, then you will have to go through the fill nozzle. Most modern cars have some form of anti-siphoning screen, so you may not be able to siphon it that way either.

Disconnecting Everything

When you drop the tank, you are going to have to disconnect everything that is hooked up to it. This includes fuel lines and the wiring for the fuel pump and fuel sender. Usually, the fuel pump can be accessed from inside the vehicle. This will be in the trunk or under the rear seats in most cases but will vary by make and model, so check a shop manual specific to your vehicle.

Drop the Tank

While everything leading up to dropping the tank has been easy, it has also been time-consuming. Dropping the tank, on the other hand, is fairly quick, but is one of the most difficult parts, especially if you were not able to drain the fuel out. Put a jack under the tank, then disconnect the straps holding the tank to the chassis and let it disconnect. Now lower the jack and let the tank come with it.

That is all there is to it. If you are replacing your tank, then chances are you will want to look for new gas caps as well. The seal inside the cap can wear over time and cause an air leak in the tank that can trigger a check engine light.

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