There Are Plenty of Benefits for Wood Veneers in San Fernando Valley, CA

Wood veneers offer homeowners a number of benefits over solid woods for kitchens and have become the preferred materials for many types of countertops. Often, countertops are a combination of veneers and solid woods. So, what are the pros to choosing this material for to spruce up a kitchen’s counters or install in a new kitchen?

The Benefits of Veneer Countertops

Firstly, the number-one reason people choose wood veneers in San Fernando Valley, CA is their appearance. The wood material gives any kitchen a warmth that is hard to achieve with other countertop materials.

Secondly, wood veneers offer variety. There are many kinds of wood counters from which homeowners can choose, and hardwood continues to be widely used. Wood types include oak, maple, teak, cherry, and birch. While bamboo is really a grass, it does give a wood-like appearance. Finishes and stains complete the look so homeowners can customize the appearance of their veneers. Stylistically, the options include face grain, end grain planks, parquet, butcher black, panels, and various other designs. Edge treatments are also produced in a range of styles.

Wood veneers from Harter Surfaces go well with all sorts of styles from Mediterranean to traditional, French country, Old World, country, contemporary, eclectic, modern, and transitional. The appearance is warm and literally warmer to the touch than other materials such as concrete, stone, and tile.

Recyclable, Excellent Work Surfaces

Most types of wood countertops are not made from reclaimed wood, but times are changing and wood is being salvaged and re-purposed to design green countertops. Today, most wood counters are recyclable. Finally, wood is easy on knives, although knives may not be so easy on the wood. The edges on cutlery will last longer working on wood than if you were working on concrete or granite.