How to Choose Grain Storage Bins in Oregon

When deciding what type of Grain Storage Bins in Oregon to use for on-site storage, it’s important to choose a design that will hold up to the test of time and provide adequate space and aeration. The storing grain on the farm can help to maximize profits by reducing shipping and storage expenses and allows producers the option of storing a crop until market prices go up instead of having to settle for whatever price is offered when harvest time comes around.

For large farms, one of the most important considerations is space. A 54-foot diameter bin can store almost 66 thousand bushels. But, that kind of investment requires care. Ensuring adequate ventilation with aerated floors helps to increase the storage life of most grains, and weather-resistant roofing strategies provide safe storage even under inclement weather conditions. Issues such as heavy winds can damage flimsily constructed storage bins, leading to lost crops and lost profits. But roofs, foundations, and walls that are secured against these heavy winds can ensure the safety of a stored crop until the farmer is ready to sell.

Additional features such as easy access doors and the space to store auxiliary equipment can be the icing on the cake for those willing to spend the extra money. And, handrails provide safety to workers needing to enter and exit the facility. Choosing a bin that includes these design features can make loading and unloading easier, increasing worker efficiency.

Of course, a business’s bottom line is often a factor when deciding to purchase new equipment or install new facilities. Keep in mind that while finding a cost-effective solution for grain storage is important, it’s often worth spending the extra money to ensure the safety of crops and construct grain bins that are built to last.

A farmer’s livelihood depends on his or her ability to successfully take a harvest all the way from the field to the store. Sometimes, the most money can be made by waiting out low market prices and selling only when the time is right. The most efficient and cost-effective way to accomplish this goal is by storing grain on-site, right where it’s harvested until it can be sold. Click Here to learn more about grain storage bins in Oregon or look at available products that can help.