The Three Common Reasons For Couples Counseling

All couples in Manassas, VA, will have challenges throughout their relationship. The issues that can trigger these challenges will look very different between couples, but they are all similar in that they have the potential to create greater distance or bring the couple closer together.

Sometimes it is difficult to get a relationship back on track. Attending couples counseling allows the couple to work with a professional counselor or therapist to help resolve issues and explore how to begin healing and rebuilding the relationship.

While various issues bring people into couples counseling, three issues tend to be a part of many relationship challenges.

Communication Problems

Most couples counseling will focus on developing effective communication. Unfortunately, when communication fails, it is impossible to sustain common goals and conflict can quickly become a challenge in the relationship. Through the assistance of the therapist, couples learn how to effectively communicate to avoid the problems and conflicts of the past.

Parenting Issues

It is very common for couples to have differences of opinion on how to parent their children. This is even more challenging in blended families where stepparents and biological parents may not agree. Counselors can work with the parents to develop better relationships with each other and the children.

Erosion of Trust

Addictions, including gambling, pornography, food, drugs, alcohol, shopping, or other types of similar behaviors, can all wear away at the trust between the couple. Affairs are another problem that makes trusting difficult in a relationship.

Counseling helps couples to address these issues, set boundaries, and make healthy choices to move the relationship past these issues and begin the rebuilding process.