Signs You Need a New Child Custody Attorney in Arlington VA

One of the hardest things for a person to go through is a divorce, especially if there are children involved. Finding the right divorce and child custody attorney in Media, PA is essential in getting through this process in one piece. In most cases, you will have many options to choose from, so you need to do your homework and decide which one will be the best fit for your particular situation. The more time you spend on finding the right attorney, the more it will pay off in the end. The following are a few signs that you need a new child custody attorney Arlington VA.

Poor Communication
One of the key qualities of any successful lawyer is the ability to communicate with their clients. You need to be able to tell your lawyer exactly what you need and have them follow through on it. If you are not getting enough communication with your lawyer, then it may be time to find a new one. A lawyer who acts like they do not have time for you and your case is not worth the money anyway. A lawyer who is on board and available any time you need them is what you should look for.

Making Major Decisions
One of the worst things that any child custody attorney can do to their clients is making major decisions regarding their cases without consulting them. If there is an offer on the table that can resolve your divorce or child custody proceedings and your lawyer doesn’t tell you before rejecting it, then it is time to find another legal professional to help you. You want a lawyer who wants to work as a team, rather than taking the reins and making it all about them. The more collaboration you have with your divorce attorney, the more success you will have during this process.

Lack of Experience Shows
Another thing that you want to look for when choosing a divorce attorney is experience. Having an inexperienced attorney can really damage your chances of coming out on top during your divorce proceedings. If you hire a lawyer who starts to show inexperience in a big way, then you need to find someone who has the experience you need. Only an experienced lawyer will be able to get you the best results by listening to what you want and then trying to make it happen.