The Perks Of Offshore Dedicated Servers

The term offshore is simply used to designate a server that is located outside of the country where business, agency, organization or entity is located. Often companies may have more than one dedicated server in different areas of the world to provide quality online experience for their target audience.

When companies choose offshore dedicated servers over servers hosted in their own country, there are several advantages to the customers. There will also be advantages to the business as well, both factors which should come into consideration.

For the Customer

For the customer, target audience or end-user, the benefit to offshore dedicated servers is really the experience through the website. When the dedicated server is located geographically near the target audience, there is very low latency, extremely small lag time as well as a better overall online experience with the website.

This is true for those end-users with traditional desk and laptop computers as well as the ever-increasing number of end users accessing websites using mobile devices. There is no slow loading of pages, no buffering times for streaming video and no issues with multimedia not operating correctly due to bandwidth issues.

For the Business

The business benefits from the use of a dedicated server close to the target audience in several different ways. As with the end-users, your business will experience the highest possible uptime, which can be virtually 100% with top hosting services.

As a dedicated server is solely used by your company, it can be configured to your specifications. Security, performance, applications and even how to prioritize tasks through the server can be developed to the best possible options for the business.

Additionally, through the use of a dedicated server, there are no limitations, outside of those set by the hosting service, as to the different scripts, software, and applications that can be used on the server.

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