The Benefits of a Zero Clearance Wood Burning Fireplace

There are many things to reflect on when we compare how a wood burning fireplace compares to a modern gas-fueled fireplace. Each person has their own preferences between the two. You may be someone who enjoys the flames darting around and giving off a warm and cozy feel and look. If so, a zero clearance wood burning fireplace may be the perfect option for you to choose.

Check out the information below to help you evaluate the benefits of one of these modern fireplace units.

Wood as the Fuel Source
This type of fireplace needs wood as its fuel source. If you live in a wooded area or somewhere out in the country, it may not be difficult at all to go out and gather some would. The necessary fuel source will be abundant in your location. However, if you live in the city or somewhere far from this natural resource, you’ll need to find a commercial source that sells wood. You could also take some time to learn about this fuel source and the different types of wood you can use in your fireplace.

Efficient Operation
A zero clearance wood burning fireplace is built to the same high standards as a modern airtight woodstove. This means you will get the same type of efficient heating with additional visual appeal for your interior décor. These wood burning fireplaces have glass doors that keep cold air outside of the room and also increase the length of time burning occurs. They are designed to meet mandated emissions ratings. These units also produce more heat and less smoke from one batch of wood as opposed to the old-style wood burning fireplaces of the past. Most of the units today are airtight.

Regardless of whether you are building a new home, renovating an existing home, or building or renovating a cottage out in the woods, you can benefit from having a zero clearance wood burning fireplace in your dwelling. These fireplaces can help provide you with a source of heat that supplements your central heating system, serves as a source of cozy warm heat, and provides superb ambience in your living space.