The Many Uses For A Sump Sucker

by | Oct 31, 2019 | Separators

There are lots of ways to get jobs done around any shop, but not all are effective or efficient. When you have equipment sumps and reservoirs, as found on machining equipment and centers, using a sump sucker can be a quick, effective, and easy way to routinely handle an otherwise messy and much disliked task.

Cleaning out the sumps and reservoirs of equipment is essential to extend the life of the cutting tools and to keep equipment well-maintained. Old oil from sumps is also likely to create bad odors in the shop due to the presence of bacteria. Metal chips and fines can also create havoc on the equipment if it collects in the coolant, sump, or reservoir, and this then pulled up through the system as the coolant is used.

Options To Consider

There are several different styles, options, and designs in a sump sucker. The key is to find one that is practical for your needs, and that can make short work of whatever job you need it to perform.

Portability is a factor to check on with this piece of equipment. They typically come with one or two tanks mounted on the frame, and also with the frame designed to easily be pushed or rolled through the shop. Customization of the size of the tanks is a great option and provides just the capacity to clean out sumps in one trip that is required based on the equipment.

The best of these systems work on compressed air. This makes it easy to operate, and the air pressure powers the suction and the discharge of the coolant in the tanks for speedy operation. Some are even equipped with automatic shut off valves that prevent the overflow of the unit, making the operation of the sump sucker a very simple process.

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