Our Top Three Ideas for Holiday Lighting Decor

by | Oct 30, 2019 | Lighting

It always feels as though Christmas is right around the corner. While this may be a cause for joy, cheer and holiday fuzzies for some, for others, this realization brings about some anxiety. Maybe you’re still trying to pick out that perfect gift for someone you know. Perhaps you’re still trying to put your holiday decorations together and are struggling for ideas so you can get lighting quotes in Dallas, TX.

If you happen to fall into the latter camp at this time of year, you’ve come to the right article. Here are three ideas for holiday lighting to try around your home.

Invest in a Faux Tree

This idea is perfect for those who want to make their home as festive as possible for the holiday season but also remain environmentally conscious. Faux trees have become an increasingly popular choice at this time of year for one reason; you get all the aesthetic benefits but don’t have to sacrifice the health of a real fir tree.

You can still string up all the holiday lights you want around your faux tree, just as easily as you would be able to with a real one. Faux trees can accommodate a wide variety of lighting styles. Before you begin decorating, it may be a good idea to look around for lighting quotes in Dallas, TX, to find the best options for your tastes and budget.

Replace a Few Lamps

If Christmas trees don’t fit within your plans, you can always choose to illuminate your home in another way. Consider swapping out a few table lamps in your home for pre-lit decorations, such as a Christmas-themed lamp or even replace the normal bulbs in your table lamps with holiday bulbs.

Light Up Your Yard

Stringing up the outside of your home with Christmas lights is a veritable tradition across many American households. Just like trees, homes can accommodate a variety of lighting styles. If you have yet to find the types of lights you want for your outside decor, consider looking into lighting quotes in Dallas, TX, for ideas.

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