The Economics of Retaining a Divorce Lawyer in Frederick

Divorce is not a pleasant process. However, as emotionally difficult as getting a divorce can be, there is also the financial side of the divorce process, most notably the retaining of a Divorce Lawyer in Frederick.

Average Legal Fees

The average cost from start to finish when hiring a divorce lawyer is around $10,000. This cost can be higher in some area of the country and lower in other areas, depending on the amount a particular divorce attorney charges for their services. While this doesn’t necessarily mean that a person should be without legal representation when facing a divorce proceeding, it is a financial consideration that needs to figure into the equation of getting a divorce.

Hourly Rates

Most attorneys will charge an hourly rate for their services as well as a retainer fee. The average is around $250 per hour. In more rural areas, this price can be as low as $50 an hour and more urbanized areas such as California and New York: the prices can be as high as $600 per hour.

Initial Retainers

A retainer fee will typically run about $1500 to as much as $3000 depending on the hourly rate for the attorney. The attorney may also charge their client administrative fees for the accumulation of documentation and other expenses involved in researching or investigating marital issues.

The Imperative Nature of Legal Representation

While hiring a Divorce Lawyer in Frederick can equate to a sizable investment, considering the repercussions of not having legal representation, even in a divorce that doesn’t go to court, it is easy to see why hiring a divorce lawyer is imperative. Whether the attorney works with the opposing spouse’s attorney on creating an equitable divorce settlement or things get drawn out and dragged into court, no divorcing spouse should be without proper legal representation.

Keeping in mind how much a divorce attorney will cost on average and how much you can afford to spend is important. However, there are many divorce attorneys that can help potential clients with flexible billing practices and even help in finding financing for their services. In any case, if you are thinking about divorcing your spouse or your spouse has filed divorce papers, you’ll need legal representation, which is why you may want to browse our website for more information.