The Critical Plastic Storage for Companies

Plastic is one of the most versatile and widely used material when long-term storage is considered. Many industrial companies need to store a large amount of product for a long period of time, and plastic is the best option for that type of storage. Companies also heavily rely on plastic for preparing products to be shipped. The top three most commonly used plastic storage containers in industrial environments are:

Bottle and Jugs

These are often the way that companies ship their products to stores. Many companies need to buy plastic bottles and jugs in bulk to fulfill their shipments orders. Then, the bottle and jugs of the product are shipped to stores where they may be sold individually. Bottles and jugs are the type of plastic that is recycled the most.

Plastic Pails, Buckets, Drums

The main form of storage for many companies is plastic containers, typically in a rounded shape. Plastic pails and buckets are ideal for smaller amounts of product, and they are able to be stacked on top of each other to reduce storage space needed. This type of plastic storage is ideal for products that need to be stored in large quantities and do not need to be quickly accessible. Plastic pails and plastic drums are also used in shipping when a product needs to be shipped in bulk.


For companies who need to access a large amount of product quickly, IBCs are a better form of storage. IBCs are large plastic containers that are surrounded by a metal cage. The metal cage makes them the most stackable form of storage. They are built for storing products for a long period of time, but they have a valve or tap on the front of the container so the product can be easily accessed.