How Often Do You Need Chimney Cleaning Services in Severna Park, MD?

If you have a chimney, especially one that burns wood for fuel, you need regular chimney cleaning services. Cleaning your chimney is important because it reduces the materials that have built up on the inside of your chimney. Typically, a chimney has a liner that protects the actual brick and mortar from the effects of the fire, however, older chimneys might not have one.

Creosote Buildup

Creosote is a natural byproduct of impartial construction. When you burn wood, the gas inside the wood is what actually burns. The wood itself is not often burned. Any moisture or other products in the wood will not burn; they will often form creosote. The creosote builds up inside a chimney, and it is often flammable. You need to clean it out with chimney cleaning services in Severna Park, MD.

In addition to being flammable, creosote is acidic. That means it will eat away at the mortar between the bricks. You need to visit Priddy Clean Chimney Sweeps, Inc. to make sure it is cleaned.

How Often?

You need to hire chimney cleaning services at least once every season. Before you light your chimney for the first time each year, call chimney sweeps to clean it for you. You could choose to have it cleaned at the end of each season but it’s more difficult to know when the season will end. Also, dust and dirt can build up in your chimney even if you are not using it. Over the summer and spring, your chimney can build up with dust that is flammable. It can also clog up the flues and make it more difficult for smoke to escape.

Cleaning the chimney before each winter is a great choice for keeping your home warm and safe. Smoke will not build up and the brick will not degrade because of the presence of creosote.