The Cosmetic Dentists in Puyallup WA Offer Dental Implants For Those With Missing Teeth

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Unfortunately, a beautiful smile is not something everyone is born with. There are many factors that can lead to an unattractive smile, including heredity, gum disease, and injuries. When a person is missing some of their natural teeth, the negative effects this causes can be difficult to deal with. The Cosmetic Dentists in Puyallup WA offer permanent options to help their patients restore their smile.

Missing Teeth Can Be Replaced

The Cosmetic Dentists in Puyallup WA offer dental implantsto help their patients overcome the embarrassment of missing teeth. Before a person decides on this option, they need to make sure they seek a consultation appointment to determine if they are a good candidate. The dentist will carefully examine their patient’s gums and teeth. The patient will need to have healthy gum tissue and ample bone growth to ensure the implants can be safely implanted.

The implant process takes a few steps and first involves the dentist placing the implant rod. This rod is made of titanium and is placed into the empty tooth socket so that it can bond with the patient’s jawbone. The bonding process is one of the most crucial steps in implant dentistry because this needs to take place so the implant will be permanent and act as a human tooth would.

There are three pieces to every implant:

  • Titanium rod
  • Abutment
  • Prosthetic tooth

Once these three parts are fully assembled and in place, only the prosthetic tooth will show. The underlying hardware will be hidden under the prosthetic.

How Should Implants Be Cared For?

An implant needs to be checked by the dentist on a regular basis to ensure it is still functioning as it should. It is important a patient continues to brush and floss as normal. Even though the prosthetic tooth cannot suffer a cavity, the gum tissue around the implant is still vulnerable to gum disease.

Individuals who are interested in improving their smile with a dental implant are urged to contact the dentist and schedule an appointment right away. With dental implants, smiles are made complete and beautiful so individuals can overcome their embarrassment and gain confidence in their appearance.

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