The Best Pest Control in Brandon Annihilates Termites Once and for All

The best way to determine if you have a termite problem is to know the signs of an infestation. Usually, you will see what look like flying ants trying to escape your home. Generally, homeowners find the pests around their doors and windows or in indoor cabinetry. This discovery is typically made in the early spring.

However, you don’t have to wait until spring to call on the best pest control in Brandon. You can note common warning signs at other times of the year too. These clues can give you a hint that a colony of the pests is closer than you think.

Look for Bubbling or Cracks

If you find that the paint has cracked or bubbled on your walls, it is time to call out the best pest control specialist in the area for an inspection. Termites like to feed on interior wood structures, which can result in paint bubbles or cracks. Frass, or termite waste, is often observed inside the cracks.

Mud Tubes

Another sign that you probably have to call out the best pest control technician in your area is the discovery of mud tubes outside. The tubes look slightly different than the tubes created by wasps or hornets. Termite tubes extend along outside walls and down into crawl spaces, and are not situated in one place like the tubes of hornets or wasps.

Check Your Walls

You may also discover that some of your solid wood beams sound rather hollow. An infestation is evident if you tap the wood and it emits a slight echo. Termites like to feast on the cellulose that supports the wood frame of a building or a house.

Call a pest control specialist out immediately, regardless of the season, if you take note of any of the above clues that termites are feasting on your home or office.