How an Injury Attorney Can Help You File Your Claim For Damages in Austin

After you have been involved in an auto accident, there are plenty of things you’ll have to do to protect your rights. At the scene, you’ll have to collect insurance information from the other driver, take pictures of the damages to your vehicle, and request a copy of the police report. After you leave the scene, you’ll have to undergo a medical evaluation and consult an accident claim lawyer in Austin. Here’s why it’s so important to talk to an attorney.

Help You Complete a Claim
Filing a claim for damages is a complex process that involves meeting deadlines. If you submit an inaccurate claim or miss an important deadline, your claim may be denied. Your lawyer can help you fill out the forms properly and ensure they are submitted on time. This type of legal help will be useful in increasing the chances that your initial claim will be approved.

Protect Yourself During Interviews
One you file a claim with the insurance company, they will send out an adjuster to investigate your claim. Often, the adjuster will ask you questions in ways that will seem confusing to you. Your lawyer can make sure the interview is conducted fairly, and they will make sure your statements aren’t taken out of context.

Get a Fairer Settlement
The insurance adjuster will also offer you a quick cash settlement, but it will probably be much less than you deserve. Your accident claim lawyer in Austin can negotiate for fairer settlement on your behalf. Since they know the value of your claim, they can ensure you get a better offer.

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