The Benefits of Water Analysis in Marmora, NJ

If your water comes from a municipal source, you most likely trust that it is safe. As has been displayed multiple times in recent years, though, municipal water is not as trustworthy as it should be. In some truly devastating cases, water has been found to contain toxic levels of lead. Considering there is no safe level of lead, that means there shouldn’t be any lead at all in the water. In other cases, water contains dissolved calcium, lime, or iron. While these elements of hard water are not entirely dangerous, they do harm your fixtures and appliances. Water analysis can determine if there is something dangerous in your water.

Filtering Hard Water

Hard water is water that has dissolved some kind of mineral. Typically, those minerals are calcium, lime, and iron. Hard water is a problem because it makes it very difficult to work soap into a lather. It also leaves residue in your bathtub, shower head, and other types of fixtures. Professional water analysis in Marmora, NJ can determine if you have hard water and what might be in your water. These experts will then be able to recommend a filtration system for you.

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Disinfecting Water

Filtering physical particles out of water does not necessarily sterilize the water. If the water analysis finds that you have harmful bacteria, viruses, or protozoa in your water, you need to also disinfect it right away. A UV disinfection system is one of the most common types of systems available. A UV disinfection system can quickly and safely kill bacteria and viruses in your water without leaving any traces behind. You’ll be able to drink clean, safe water after using this system.

An analysis of your water will tell you what you’ve been drinking and how to make sure your water is as clean as possible.