An Overview of Regeneration: When and Why to Service Devices for Water Softening in Marion, IA

Water Softening in Marion IA is pretty useful, but not all see it that way. Some think water softening has gone the way of washer softener in the washing machine. Is it even important anymore? The below is a guide to what water softening does locally and when systems should be regenerated.

Water Softening and Resins

Water softening is designed to purify the water. The main target is hard minerals in the water that essentially create a thick and uncomfortable feeling in the water. The minerals are ensnared in the resin filter that seeks to capture the minerals as they are processed through the filtration. The result is finer and smoother water. It is healthier for the skin and helps restore the skin’s condition.

Water softening is partly something that has to be felt to be realized. It’s not something someone can miss if they never experienced soft water in the first place. But, the difference is massive.


Regeneration includes a release of the built-up minerals in the resins. Over time, the area calcifies and hardens. The slot needs to be cleaned. Fortunately, the process is very affordable. It can even be a DIY project with a little web research. Backwashing is a process that involves regenerating the water once again. In short, brine water is added to break down the built minerals and restore the flow.

How Often?

Most systems have a built-in regeneration cycle that will kick into effect when it is needed. This time-initiated regeneration happens about once a week. Some systems are not as automated. Some will need a thorough and manual clean every so often. This comes to about once a year, though it has everything to do with the quality and size of the system as well as the frequency of use.

Contact Waterhouse Water Systems for further information about the prospects of water softening. Is it needed seasonally? When is the best time to reapply and add more? What degree is healthy and what degree is overboard? The website is the best local source for Water Softening in Marion IA, creating the safest and smoothest water for the season.