The Benefits of Using a Social Security Disability Advocate

When employees get hurt beyond their ability work or will be out of work for at least 12 consecutive months, they have the opportunity to apply for social security disability benefits. A lot of the times those who apply for the benefits, they are turned down, partly because their injury or illness is not serious enough to qualify, but mostly because they don’t really understand how the disability process work. It is then the individuals begin to look to the professional skills of a litigator, who can help them get awarded the benefits due to them. This is where another professional called a Disability Advocate can be of service.

The Benefits of Using an Advocate

The process of filing and getting approved for social security disability can be quite complex, and if the claimant doesn’t know what to do, the system will chew him or her up. Hiring an advocate is one way of ensuring that the claimant is in the best position possible to be approved for the disability amount. The advocate can be an attorney or a non-attorney, as both are qualified to represent clients in a disability case.

More on the Benefits of an Advocate

The disability advocate is concerned primarily with cases involving social security disability, and thus will focus attention on every detail of the disability process. The advocate is able to properly cross-examine the witnesses that may be present to disprove the client’s need for social security disability. If the advocate is a lawyer, he or she is even more qualified to work on behalf of the client well into the appeals process, and is usually a skillful litigator.

An Attorney Who Can Function as an Advocate in California

Eric R. Hunt has been providing social security disability solutions for clients in the Hemet, California area for more than 13 years, and as most attorneys in this field do, works on a contingency basis. The attorney has a past history as a claims representative for the Social Security Administration. If there are any individuals in need of a Disability Advocate in Hemet, California, the attorney is available. Visit his website at You can also like their Facebook page for more information.