Hydraulic rescue tools are used by emergency rescue personnel to assist vehicle extrication of crash victims, as well as other rescues from small spaces. They are powered by a hydraulic pump – which can be hand-, foot-, or engine-powered. Now even electrically powered versions are available. These versions have better features such as:

  • Lower weight
  • Easier to handle
  • Quicker operation
  • Greater reliability

In comparison with these, hydraulic spreader-cutters are quieter, faster, stronger, and more versatile.

The phrase “Jaws of Life “was termed by Mike Brick as he felt these tools “snatched people from jaws of death”. Sooner with time, he came up with all in one version – that could push, pull, cut and spread.

Cutter :

These cut through a vehicle’s structure in an extraction operation. These blades can be easily replaced and are suited to meet needs of new car protection technology.

Spreader :

This has two arms coming together in a narrow tip. These arms are spread out using hydraulic pressure. Spreaders may also be used to “pop” vehicle doors from their hinges during mishaps.

Combination Tool :

This combi tool combines the cutting and spreading functions of separate tools. The piston is powered by hydraulic pump attached to the tool, which pushes the blades apart with great force. These blades further close, reversing in action, cutting through the metal. This operation can also be performed by dedicated spreading and cutting tools, which are designed especially for their own operations and may be required for some rescues. This combi tool can be changed into just a cutter by changing the blades.

The tools operate on the basis of hydraulic fluid pressure of up to 720 bar (10,000 psi), which must be provided from a power source.

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