The Benefits Of The Quad Tooth® System

by | Mar 16, 2016 | Cutting and Machining, Forestry Cutting Tools

When it comes to replacement teeth for saws, mulchers or grinders, getting aftermarket or compatible teeth from a specialized manufacturer instead of settling for basic teeth from the equipment dealer is a very good choice. The Quad Tooth® system is one such system that not only improves on the life cycle of the equipment, but it can also make a real improvement in productivity as well.

The quad tooth system system was developed by QUADCO Equipment Inc., an established and recognized manufacturer in the timber and forestry industries. With an emphasis on engineering, technology, design and durability, the Quad Tooth® system has quickly become recognized as the go-to brand in the industry.

Compatible with Major Equipment Brands

Perhaps one of the most important factors that set the Quad Tooth® system apart is the ability to match these teeth with any type of mulcher head and the saw teeth with the respective holders and discs.

This includes all the major equipment brands, and while some may require adapters these are not at all time consuming or difficult to attach as part of the replacement process.

With the replacement teeth purchased from a specialized manufacturer, there is really an emphasis on the Quad Tooth® system for the teeth to speak for themselves. Each is designed to work most effectively with the equipment it is designed for, adding to the length of the life cycle on the teeth as well as increasing the throughput of timber at any given operation.

Carbide and Steel Options

The different Quad Tooth® options include carbide saw teeth, heat-treated teeth and steel teeth. Each is used for a specific application or operation in mind, and this gives the equipment operator the option to choose the teeth given the conditions.

Generally, the carbide saw teeth are considered the heavy duty choice and are ideal under the harshest felling conditions. They act as protection for the blade, and even with high abrasion in the process these teeth make an excellent choice.

The steel heat-treated teeth come in both the concave and the beaver, with the later more suited to more impact while the concave will last much longer with non-impact types of use.

The Quad Tooth® system also provides reversible steel teeth, literally providing you with two teeth with each component. The reversible tooth holder adds to the cost effectiveness as well as it is designed for the mounting of teeth on either side.

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