Learn About Granite at the Granite Stone Showroom in San Jose

Granite consists of a variety of minerals such as feldspar, quartz, and mica. It’s sourced from various locations across the globe and comes in hundreds of different colors. However, the most popular locations that granite is derived from are India, Brazil, Spain, and China.

There are only three stones naturally harder than granite, which are rubies, diamonds, and sapphires. This makes granite a wonderful choice for your home if you’re looking for something permanent and durable. It has enduring colors, textures, never deteriorates, and is free of maintenance requirements. Granite is truly a versatile stone that can be used throughout any area of the home for owners who prefer not to have to worry about the medium they’ve used.

How It’s Created

Granite is formed just like most other stones. It’s created by minerals being layered upon one another and then pressed together with added heat. This makes it heat resistant, strong and durable for any household use. It’s also commonly used in industrial applications due to its durability and sanitary characteristics.


At the Granite Stone Showroom in San Jose, you can see beautiful examples of how granite can be used in the home and in various other applications. What’s more exciting than the colors, textures, and cuts are the invisible benefits!

Granite countertops never depreciate in value. They are a timeless tradition in homes and they have been around for a very long time. They are not going anywhere, and they will never go down in cost. This means adding granite to your home will help boost the value.

At the granite stone showroom, you will see this countertop choice is a unique, natural surface that has a luminous look. You will not find a slab of granite that looks exactly like another slab of granite.

In addition to being beautiful, granite countertops and other surfaces are sanitary. You will never have a granite countertop or floor contaminated with bacteria because it’s not a porous stone. It’s also able to take a lot of heat from your pans, so you can set something on your granite countertop safely without worrying about cracking ore melting.

Granite is very easy to clean with just a mild detergent and some water.

It’s an excellent addition to any kitchen, bathroom, foyer, or living area! Put granite in your laundry room for a cool tile feel, or put it in a bathroom for aesthetic appeal. There really isn’t anything you can’t do with granite, as you will see in the granite stone showroom.

When it comes to industrial applications, granite can be used as a countertop for medical facilities, industrial buildings, and much more because it’s stain and scratch resistant. This makes it an optimal choice due to its longevity.

Granite can be used as a countertop for medical facilities, industrial buildings, and much more because it’s stain and scratch resistant. Contact us for Granite countertops