The Benefits of Energy Efficient Windows in Louisville KY

The installation of energy efficient windows carries many benefits, but the high initial cost can have many customers wondering if the investment is worthwhile. In the article below, readers can learn more about energy-saving windows, and they can learn how much money they may save.

Just What Is an Energy-Saving Window?

Up until just recently, most home windows were crafted from a single pane of glass. While this design was effective, it offered less energy efficiency where home temperature regulation was concerned. In response, window makers began adding design features that prevented much of the temperature loss associated with windows.

The primary feature of energy-efficient windows is an additional window pane. The second pane of glass creates a slight gap between the home’s interior temperature, and that of the outdoors. Pricier energy-efficient windows may include krypton or argon gas between the panes for extra insulation. In some cases, a glaze or coating may be applied to the exterior pane to further inhibit temperature loss.

The Advantages of Energy-Saving Windows

There are many advantages to the use of energy efficient windows in Louisville KY, but the biggest is the savings on a customer’s monthly utility bill. Because these windows add insulation to the home, a buyer can expect their electricity bill to be up to 15% lower than before the windows were added. The customer can also see improvements in overall comfort level in the home, due to the increased temperature retention. Moreover, furniture will fade more slowly, condensation will disappear, and customers will hear less road noise.

Energy-Saving Windows: Weighing the Costs and the Benefits

The biggest drawback of energy-saving windows is that they are more costly than single pane windows. However, the amount customers can save over time on their utilities can make the purchase a justifiable one. Depending on the home’s size, its window configuration and the local climate, customers can expect to see returns on their investment in less than four years in most cases.

Energy-efficient windows in Louisville KY have many benefits, but there are also a few economic drawbacks to consider. When customers click here to get more info on how these windows work, they can make an educated purchase decision.